Life at KNR

At KNR we place the greatest emphasis on getting on board and building an exemplar employee cadre. Once you are part of this smart and closely-knit family, our young & congenial atmosphere will keep you so strongly bonded that you will cherish each day at work.

For us the most important asset is our employees’ caliber, and hence we give prime importance to the experience and an enterprising attitude, than solely on education. This is what we trust will drive them to excel in all functions and deliver excellent results.

It is akin to the ant workers. You will find people pacing up and down; busy at their workstations; and ever on calls. The never-say-never attitude keeps them on their toes, ever ready to take on challenges of any complexity and character. In addition, to help them keep up with their pace we impart continuous training to improve their knowledge and techniques. Thus, our people are encouraged and equipped to work smarter, not harder. This in turn, naturally lets the employees to strike the right work-life balance and pay due attention to both.

KNR professes an extremely transparent and lateral work hierarchy where they get mentored by peers to collectively strengthen and build the skills. We lay immense stress on hands-on experience and training and thus promote leadership internally.

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