How to prepare for a senior-level job interview?
Interviews at leadership level are more like meetings and discussions today. Senior executives are responsible for establishing and executing the organization's goals, strategies, plans, and objectives in an integrated manner in order to recognize and control their overall influence.
Digitalization and AI in Talent Acquisition
In the rapidly evolving world, digitalization and artificial intelligence (AI) have become integral components in various industries, including talent acquisition function and business.
Critical Factors Influencing Talent Attraction for the Indian Manufacturing Industry
In recent years, the Indian manufacturing industry has witnessed significant growth and has emerged as a key player in the global market. However, to sustain this momentum, attracting and retaining talented individuals has become a crucial challenge.
The Future Of Work
COVID-19 has challenged business leaders to do three things at once: stage the return to work, understand and leverage the advancements they enacted during the crisis, and chart a new path forward. Focusing on the return to work alone is not a viable option..

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