Employer Branding

At KNR, we take complete cognisance of the importance of a brand’s image and the need to constantly work at improving it. KNR’s Employer Branding Services team adapts and moulds itself to make sure you are present on all the relevant digital platforms.

Due to the evolving nature of Internet use, a website alone is not sufficient to promote most brands. To maintain a web presence and brand recognition, companies like yours need to use a combination of social tools such as Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Glassdoor, Youtube, and Pinterest, as well as cultivating a brand presence on mobile apps and other online databases. Not only be visible, but brands must also monitor online discussions around itself, and analsye its overall online footprint.

Our Social Media Strategists meticulously craft content for official pages of organisations on LinkedIn & Facebook so as to attract a strong fan following. They further continue to engage the fans to viral the brand image amongst the connections of the fans. It is not only the consumers of the brand that we engage, but we also strike a conversation with the existing employees and prospective talent. We create a virtual aura of the organisation on social media with regards the work culture; life at the organisation; welfare benefits for employees; invitation of fresh talent; information about current openings, etc.  This helps to make social media as an extended HR function in the virtual world and drive the real objectives of the organisation to build a strong workforce. In addition, our team leverages the strength of the in vogue Corporate Twitter handles by using it as an innovative medium to conduct CRM activities and address the issues of consumers. It also acts as a quick and relevant medium to invoke the interest of new talent and attract them to join the organisation.

Presence on other social media, like YouTube, Pinterest and Flickr is also of paramount importance in today’s digital age where people increasingly converse in the form of pictures and videos. It is beneficial to exist where your target audience is already present and draw their attention to your brand, be it heightening the brand image or scout for fresh talent to complement your workforce.

Our branding process starts by determining goals that will define an online strategy. Once this strategy is put in place, an ongoing and constant process of evaluating and fine-tuning is followed to drive online presence towards the identified goals. At the same time, we make efforts to reduce costs of achieving goals by relying more on organic activity than on paid placement approaches.

Our branding specialists and consultants are attuned to help you heighten your brand image by offering end-to-end branding solutions in any part of the world, and achieve the ultimate aim of attracting prospective customers to consider your business in a favourable light.