Executive Search

Our Executive Search platform addresses the requirements of diverse organizations for identifying and acquiring talent that is senior, critical and niche. The solutions are delivered through an experienced and capable team of senior consultants with an experience of many decades in diverse industry backgrounds, helping them to engage with our clients at the highest level on a continuous basis.

As one of the emerging young Executive Search firms in the country, KNR advises conglomerates across the globe in providing comprehensive services for executive roles at the Board, Leadership and Senior Management levels. Offering a single-window platform, client engagements are cultivated around a rigorous model of Executive Search excellence, and through providing them a wider access to global talent pools across industries.

Since we recognise that each industry has its own nuances in terms of management style, hiring practices, compensations norms, etc., we provide specialised and value added solutions by developing expertise in various verticals, like Engineering, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Automobile & Auto Components, Technology, Consumer Durables & Services, Financial Services, Pharma, Healthcare & Life Sciences, and Media & Entertainment industries.

KNR offers, both Retained Search and Contingency Search services in international hiring across APAC & EMEA, including the Indian Sub-Continent, Greater China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, Africa & the Middle East.

Retained Search
As a preferred Retained Search partner we enter into an exclusive relationship with our client organisation for a specific period of time to perform senior-level searches until the perfect match is found to fill a vacancy.

Our process uses set criteria to hunt for the best candidates for any given role. To begin with, we obtain a thorough understanding of your company and the job role involved. This gives the candidate a better idea of the role that is being offered and helps us zero in on the shortlist of the best-fit candidates. We use our extensive research database of candidates specifically for the retained research procedure for better results.

As a next step, the candidate’s work records and qualifications undergo a thorough screening, and then an intensive evaluation process begins. On behalf of our client, we conduct interviews and make assessments by evaluating past performance in similar work environments. The future potentiality of the candidate is also evaluated, as well as the compatibility of the employee and employer.

Only when all the retained search evaluations and assessments have been made, we contact you with a shortlist of three or four premium candidates for consideration. Once you hire a candidate we also follow up to evaluate the progress of the candidate.

You will find immense value in partnering with us when:

  • You have no time to proactively search for the best candidates
  • You are not sure of the exact requirements for the new team member(s)
  • There are rapid structural changes happening at your organisation
  • You want to conduct the search discreetly
  • You have a limited resources or a remote setup in a region
  • You are hiring for a niche stakeholders directly

Here are some ways you benefit from our Retained Search:

  • Simpler & Smarter process
  • Research based Recruiting
  • Key Industry Drivers & Insights 
  • Discretion & Confidentiality maintained at all levels
  • Supported by Comprehensive Candidate Assessments

Contingency Search
When our client organisations are hunting for low and mid-level talent, our Contingency Search team renders its services where you don’t need to get into a term agreement as required in Retained Search. It is economical and practical because you compensate us only when a candidate searched by us is hired by you.

Since contingent employment is a short term assignment that does not require the creation of a long-term contract, you can seek our services to employ candidates for seasonal work, project-based jobs, and on-call positions. Some deserving contingent employees may be later hired as permanent employees at the end of their short-term contract.

Our Contingency Search services help you:

  • Liberate yourself – Free your team of time-consuming processes of finding and vetting the right talent
  • We are Talent Advisors – Make your business more agile and more profitable by Hiring the Best through our research and data analytics
  • Save time – get started immediately
  • Access Larger Talent Market through our channels 
  • Pay-on-completion – you are invoiced when a proven, vetted candidate is hired by you

To provide proven results, our executive search panel closely adheres to the following basic thumb rules of success:

  • Tailored methodology
    Advice of best recruitment methodology for a specific role comprising a mix of pure search and headhunted candidatures.
  • In-depth candidate assessment
    Searched and mapped candidate interviewed & screened thoroughly against pre-agreed criteria. Behavioral interview techniques practiced to probe key competencies.
  • Relevant shortlist
    Presentation of approximately 4 or 5 Relevant, Compliant and Benchmarked candidates. Those taken forward into your recruitment process are then referenced from ex-employers.
  • Market intelligence
    Feedback or market view on your firm as an employer, obtained during the process, included in the report.